Monday, July 03, 2006

A Skinny Minded Man - anna hood

You man! You so skinny minded
you think you can come round here
whenever you want an mess
with my heart? You think yer so special
I hear angels sing when you kiss

Last time you left me cryin
and wailin wondrin how I could live,
my heart beatin a dirge, my brain
too weak to drag me outta bed
inna mornin n me like a rail
losin twenny pounds.

And now yer back, wolf
teeth snappin at my resolve
grinnin behind lips I want
to kiss, that hard piece
pushin the tough times
outta sight.

I know you think
I got a tin brain
my head so soggy with needin
that wet place filled, you could slide
right back in like a slippery old eel.
Hah! Think again

But, let me
kiss you one last time
before I kick your fine ass
outta my bed.


Blogger anna said...

Hmmm, nobody seems to like
this one. Should I delete?
have to think on this a bit
as I like this one
quite a bit actually

3:22 AM  

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