Sunday, March 04, 2007

Tangles – anna hood

She said: Geese etch triangles
across a pewter sky. The Pownal River
rattles his great jagged teeth,
scrapes the sun’s reflection
over his cellophane skin while north winds
bleach marsh grass the colour of tea.
The kingfishers have returned;
they sit, ick-ick-ick on the wire
above the pond. Tough pale shoots of tiger
lilies thrust themselves from earth
brick red. Her golden horses
prance and kick in their frozen pasture.
Manure piles steam.

She told me: long ago
when they were young
luck lived inside
their summer brown bodies - an invited guest -
their mouths tangled around
each other like a good merlot
or N’awlins coffee smooth with chicory.
Her velvet curtains trembled
guitars when they kissed.
She wrote love poems
on his right thigh.
He planted apricot trees.

She says: now luck’s moved on
leaving her body pale
fragile as Limoge china,
tissue paper. In the dark she’s alone
with The Shopping Channel
some decorating maven god forbid
Gilligan’s Island
Brown Bats.

It is March after all.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Women are from Venus ~~ anna hood ~~

I loved you
then, back then
when you were
a God. We fit.

Back then you did
God-like things.
and kissed and kissed and kissed.
Steamy kisses, damp and misty kisses
kisses without beginning or end kisses.

And like an ancient knight
it caught your fancy
to wear a lock
of my pubic hair
pinned like a medal
to your chest.
Sexy beast.

We used to walk
across the milky way
the pathway of souls
across the roof of our world
night swishing our ankles
our footsteps ankle deep in sky
our lungs full of sky
our mouths full
of secret words
like forever and always.

Our voices lit the night
with breath hot
as Africa
my nipples firecrackers
under your tongue.
You smelled like a God.
You tasted like a God.
My god
I thought you were God.

Somewhere along the way
it changed
Mars maybe
you remembered your home
remembered Mars the war god.
Somehow it changed
the pubic hair medal gone
kissing’s somewhat pallid
the sky no longer our pathway
and although you’re still a god
you’re definitely a god
with a small g.