Friday, October 20, 2006

Since then ~~ anna hood

Since then
the object of night
is to simply get through.
No spinning
no rearing, no prancing
a wild mustang
hooves sparking
a stone mountain.
These nights not even the gentle cantor
of a golden mare.
Not for me sleep walking
in a sheet of memories.

Two-thirty I wake
with an explosion
of champagne bubbles
on my tongue a cloud
of jasmine perfume in my hair.
It's only a dream
a dream of champagne
flutes on balconies
balconies draped in flowers
drenched with the sound
of horns
the sound of the French Quarter
at midnight.
Dinner at NOLA's.
Do you remember I licked
whipped cream
from your fingers.
We were young then.

Five o'clock the first
whistle of a bird.
You're beside me
your face creased
by the spread.
Lashes thick as a girl's
hide your eyes
hide your lies.
I could almost
love you again
but I move away
quietly wary as the vixen
who comes for my offerings
of kitchen scraps.
Quietly I move away
on the ends
of my scarlet toes,
no longer young but then
who is?

Only her.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Right Minds ~~ anna hood

We'd ring him
savage little bastards
arms spinning windmills
beside our ears
callin names
ye daft bugger
feeble minded idjit
yer touched in the head
me ma said you were
dropped at birth
with half yer brains missin

He'd cry
big gawp wide
so's we could see his tonsils
tears streelin two clean lines
down his cheeks
sometimes he'd piss hisself
givin us another torment

Callin for his ma

She'd come runnin
with her broom
thinkin she could sweep
us away
black sweater flappin
red face
hair in pins
screechin threats
I'll tell yer ma
ye'll be in for it then
she'll take the switch
to yer skinny backsides

We'd race off secure
in our right minds
and watch her
touch his hair
her big lout of a son
and make things right.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I shall be gone for a couple of weeks.
My sister is coming from Toronto -- (HOORAY at last company I love)
and we are going to Cape Breton,
a niece has a new baby boy
maybe we'll join the leafers and do the Cabot Trail
then spend a few days in Halifax.
I'll catch up when I get back.
Behave yourselves while I'm away.